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The River Church


We believe the Bible is the final authority. God’s Word is truly His word not man’s ideas. Salvation is about accepting Jesus as our personal savior. Asking Him to build a relationship with us and choosing to follow Him in our daily lives. We believe the blood of Jesus is a finished work. When Jesus died on the cross, it was permanent and final. Accepting this work allows us to live eternally in heaven but not only that, we also embrace the truth about healing and freedom from dead works.

We pray for the sick and trust that the provision of healing will be available for everyone who asks. We also believe that when Jesus went to the cross, He not only made healing possible but He also made a way for divine provision. As we learn about this provision and practice His principles we will live in financial peace.

We are blessed to have a baptism within our church and practice water baptism. We believe in immersion and that water baptism is an outward expression of what Jesus has done in our hearts.

We believe you matter to God, He created you to have relationship and the most common way we develop that relationship is through worship. Worship to God is a primary way we express our love for Him and we center much of our services around this opportunity.