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The River Church


When families worship together, they develop bonds that go deeper than DNA. Come check out the message of Christ and discover a new lifestyle of love and celebration that turns on new energy, confidence, positive change and fulfillment.

Our relationship with God through His son Jesus Christ flows through us every minute of every day. At The River, we build foundations from which to grow as members of a community, families and individuals. And by sharing our faith in practical ways, we can inspire and improve the lives of our neighbors, from our hometowns and beyond.





Young Adults


Statistics say that when kids reach 18 years old, 95% of those who attend church – STOP! We want to decrease that percentage and give the young adults of the River an alternative to what they find on campuses and in their work places. VISION is a place where they can make friends with other young adults who are in the same set of circumstances. We provide a different voice and we are seeing results.

High School


Collision is all about an encounter with God. We believe teens need a safe place to experience God and get to know Him at their level.

Junior High


Our Rapids Services are high-energy, meet them where they are at services. We use games, fellowship and small group discussions to engage our Jr. High students in learning about how to transition their relationship with God to a deeply, personal one.


Rivertown Kids

Our Children’s Ministry is for Newborns through the 5th Grade. We believe that God’s Word is for everyone and that it is important to instill in our young members a love for His Word. So with that in mind we have endeavored to put together a children’s ministry program that excites children about learning about God and His Word.

Bible Studies

Forever Young

Forever Young is a ministry for our ladies who are over 65 years in age and want to learn how they can make a difference in their world. The bible study usually covers a specific book and treats it very much like a book club where the members come and share what they have learned and then learn from each other.

Equip Class

Equip Classes are held September – April on Tuesday nights. These classes are geared for those who are wanting to learn the basics of what we believe. Each session lasts between 4 to 8 weeks, and each session has approximately 3 classes running at the same time. The classes use books by renown Faith teachers and ministers such as Kenneth Hagin, Kris Vallotton, Danny Silk etc., to help teach the basics of faith and how to grow spiritually. Costs for the classes are $25 for an eight week class and $15 for a four week class. Each student will be responsible to supply their own books, but we offer the opportunity for you to order your books and materials through our church bookstore.

Leadership Classes

Leadership Classes are held seasonally and target those in the church who are looking to become effective leaders – whether in the secular world or within the church body. Classes cover such topics as: How to delegate, The Importance of a Vision, Submission to Authority, etc..